Dating bing grondahl figurines

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Dating bing grondahl figurines

I have several years of experience in worldwide online sale and shipping of Danish china and porcelain figurines.One of our major area is porcelain collectibles of animals and figurines from Dahl Jensen, Bing & Grondahl and Royal Copenhagen - all preowned and most discontinued for many years.The factory flourished again after the restrictions imposed by two world wars and many of the painted and underglazed models available today were sculpted in this period.A talented young artist and sculptor Frederick Grondahl, who had been working at the Royal Copenhagen Factory, and two successful business men from Copenhagen city teamed up to open the Bing and Grondahl factory in 1853.Please don't hesitate to call ( 45 44914455) or email for references or recommendations by customers or dealers in your area of the world.We do communicate in English, understand German (Sorry we can't help you in Polish, Russian, Italian, Spanish or French This site was started up as a Danish site - with pages dedicated to sale, but also with information about dating Danish porcelain and a lot of images dived after themes like porcelain dogs, horses or the production of a special artist - part of the pages will be in English and with a little guidance and careful reading, you will be able to use even the Danish features.During that period one out of every ten Danish households owned some of the dinnerware service.: It is possible to date pieces from Bing & Grondahl porcelain looking at the factory mark at the base. Also I found that at least on Christmas plates in the 1960s there seems to be some mix up of the back stamps.

From the beginning, each porcelain item was marked with three waves symbolising Denmarks three straits: the Sound and the Great and Little Belts.

We also do offer a wide range of dinnerware from the Danish manufactories such as Royal Copenhagen patterns of Aluminia Tranquebar; Blue Flower, Saxon Flower, Blue Fluted, Flora Danica and Bing & Grondahl patterns of Empire, Eranthis, Seagull, Christmas Rose.

I understand if ordering and sending payment overseas the first time can be a big step.

Flora Danica, one of the most original and inspiring Dinner services of all time, was manufactured for Catherine the Great during this period.

By the middle of the nineteenth century, after privatisation, the factory was producing much elegant tableware, particularly those decorated in cobalt blue.

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Their other books, A Collectors Guide to Royal Copenhagen Porcelain, and Dahl-Jensen Porcelain Figurines have been acclaimed in collecting circles. All listings are arranged in numerical order according to the figurine's manufacture "mold" number. There also are photos depicting variations in color/design of figurine, if indicated.

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